Meet The Strongmen!!

Meet the Strongman – Magnus and Theo!!

And Milo, the terrier. Both thoroughly looking forward to this challenge being over! It has been a great experience and will be an amazing achievement if they do it! Football Beyond Borders deserves all the mention as they are the main cause of all this, they are a fantastic charity that truly does great things for young people so please donate generously – its not often you get to be part of a Guinness World Record!…/…/fbb-world-record-challenge

Please come down to support if you are able as we will need all the help we can get!

The Strongmen have assured me, that if they are still talking at the end of this then they will try to see you for a beer!

Meet Steve!!

Meet Steven Burrows!!

Applicably self-titled ‘Sunday League Legend’. Best known for his step-overs, pace and height Steve made the move down south to focus on his football career, which is going well for the Andover Sports Academy at the moment. Steve is going for top goal scorer over the 72 hours but i am sure others will have a say in that! He is a top bloke and an magnificent addition to the squad.

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Meet Stuart!!

Stuart Wilkinson, AKA ‘Wilko’ was one of the first to launch himself into this challenge which is strange because on the face of it he shouldn’t like football! He has had many injury problems:

Age 14 – Broke right leg Tibia and Fibia

Age 17 – Damaged lateral ligaments in left ankle

Age 19 – Surgery to remove screws from leg

Age 24 – Tore Medial Collateral Ligament  in right knee

But Wilko ‘cannot shake the bug’ and is determined to accomplish this World Record. He really believes in the charity and is an example to anyone who has had any problems that you can and will overcome problems to achieve something fantastic if you want to.

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See Stuarts Profile!



Meet Alex!!


Alex is hands down the most experienced in the group when it comes to fitness challenges! He has cycled through Europe – went around Iceland earlier this year for 10 days cycling circa 100 miles a day!! Football is a very different sport to cycling though… And  Guinness World Record is something that no one else in the World has ever accomplished, but that is what has attracted Alex to the challenge! Take look at his bio here and support him on pledgit!!

Meet Ed!!

Meet Ed!!

edgarlandEd is the creative genius within the group. If you go to his page here, you can see his self-portrait (left) which is incredible! Ed heard about the challenge through a fundraising event we had in the Summer and got in contact with us, and when a spot opened up – Ed was all over it! He is ambitious and determined, proven in science classes with him, he made it his mission to get Mr Allot to raise his voice and get himself thrown out of the class room – which he duly delivered on! Ed has a great personality and his sense of humour will definitely be needed throughout the 72 hours to keep spirits high!

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Meet Josh Wood!

Meet Josh!!joshwood

Josh is one of the 2 entrepreneur’s in the group! Born and bred in Camberley, Surrey, Josh went to school locally before heading to Nottingham university. Josh is the co-founder of the App ‘bloc’ @getonbloc. He has a fantastic positive attitude and an incredible addition to the team!  Donate to help Josh on pledgit or text:

£5: Send code YLLKQ to 70195
£10: Send code YLLKQ to 70190

Bulk Powders aboard!

Bulk powders have joined up with the FBB World Record team!! Bulk Powders, founded in 2006 have just celebrated their 10th birthday, are the 2nd largest sports nutrition brand in the UK. They have the over 250 products, 1,000 different flavours/sizes to chose from and are the best value across Europe. Their goal is to continue to deliver the best prices, quality and value in sports nutrition throughout Europe and beyond.

img_0056Bulk powders products have been at the forefront of our muscle recovery and growth in our preparation to this challenge – and will no doubt help us throughout! We asked Simon Aldous at Bulk Powders what he thought out the challenge, ‘Tackling a 72-hour 5-a-side is pretty gutsy! I’m sure people will appreciate the effort everyone is putting in to raise money for such a worthy cause. No doubt there will be a lot of sore feet at the end of the challenge, but that will pale in significance to the good that will come out of it – hopefully a lot of money will be raised, and the charity, Football Beyond Borders, will enjoy greater awareness.’ Simon, who is the Digital Marketing Executive explains why thought it important that Bulk Powders supported the bulkpowders16 young men, ‘When we were first approached to support the challenge, we were intrigued. Once we began to fully understand what was involved, especially physically (although mental fortitude will be tested too), we knew we had to do our bit to keep the individuals energised as the clock slowly ticks down.’

We asked Simon, why he thinks the partnership between Bulk Powders and this challenge is compatible? Usually people associate protein powders and supplements with ‘bulking img_0050up’ rather than endurance activity, how is it that Bulk Powders can be of assistance? He responded, ‘As the UK’s fastest growing sports nutrition brand, we’re well placed to provide support across all sports, especially an endurance event such as this. Whilst we’re well known for our extensive range of protein supplements, we cater for goals beyond ‘bulking up’, providing market leading products and formulations to support overall sports performance and exercise recovery. For a challenge like this that extends to 72-hours, elements such as energy and hydration levels will be key, so we’ll be providing the individuals with sports nutrition to keep them strong and focused throughout the event.’img_0064

A huge thank you to Simon and everyone at Bulk Powders!



Meet Squib!!

I now introduce Squib to you!!

Squib used to work with Football Beyond Borders before moving to Chestnut Grove Academy to become a full time teacher. He is very passionate about the cause and is a fantastic role model for all of his students!

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£5: Send code YLLKQ to 70195
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Meet Matt!

Matt is the cheeky chapp-y of the group! He is an intelligent, motivated and charming man.  Was one of the most enthusiastic people i spoke to about doing this challenge and has been a great help throughout!

Check out his page here:

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